Chemical Storage Containers


Our Various Types of Chemical Transport Containers

There are also multiple types of refrigerated chemical transport containers available from our wide range of containers. It is important to choose a container that is compatible with the chemicals you plan to ship:

  • IMO compliant shipping containers: The International Maritime Organization is a United Nations-affiliated agency that promotes maritime safety. IMO-compliant transport containers must meet stringent requirements in accordance with the International Convention for Safe Containers of 1972 regarding areas such as testing, inspection, maintenance and structural modification of containers.
  • DG shipping containers: Dangerous goods shipping containers offer the same advantages of standard containers but feature advanced technology to ensure the safe storage and transport of hazardous materials. Examples of substances that are compatible with DG shipping containers include paint thinners, liquids, oils, diesel fuel, flammable materials and various chemicals.
  • IMDG shipping containers: The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code is the global standard for shipping hazardous materials by sea and covers areas such as packing, stowing and container traffic. The IMDG code also specifically addresses the proper segregation of incompatible materials. The use of an IMDG refrigeration unit will help ensure compliance with this standard when transporting chilled materials that are classified as dangerous.
  • Organic peroxide shipping containers: An organic peroxide is a carbon-containing compound (solid, liquid or paste) containing two oxygen atoms that are joined together. Organic peroxides present a significant fire and explosion hazard. The IMDG addresses the safe transport of organic peroxides, particularly the need to segregate them from other materials to avoid a potentially deadly reaction.


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